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In this section you will find all the information about the graphic identity of the Associated Center

Likewise, UNED has a Manual of corporate identity standards for stationery available to the entire university community. Additionally, in the Good Practices and Contact section, general guidelines are offered on the correct use of graphic identity at UNED.

Clarifications on the use of the logos of the Center and its Classrooms

The logos available here for download must be reproduced in their entirety and without any type of alteration in their shapes, fonts or colors. To facilitate its use and processing, the Associated Center logo is available in two formats: JPG and PNG. The PNG format incorporates transparency, for better adaptation to different backgrounds. The logo of the Associated Center may only be used in the official documents of the Center, or to advertise or provide information about it. Under no circumstances may it be used to associate the image of the Associated Center with any other entity or organization that does not have the relevant authorization. For any use contemplated in these regulations or any other type of doubt regarding the corporate identity of the Associated Center, you can contact the Communication and Protocol Coordination

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